3 Best subway surfers hack that you always wanted to know!

Subway surfer is one of the most played games worldwide. The popularity of this game can be judged by the fact that it is the fourth most download game of all time. It has been a hit ever since it was launched in 24 may 2012. So what really makes it such a big success? Well, there are really cool graphics along with a fun story line. It is great to play even though it revolves around a teenage hooligan who tries to apply graffiti and is chased by an inspector and his dog on the metro railway lines.
The game is played all over the world and interestingly, there are huge numbers of players that want to know the subway surfers hack. Here you will be given authentic and applicable information about getting subway surfers unlimited keys and coins. Let’s get to know few aspects first of subway surfers cheats:


There is no ending of the game Subway Surfers and the game goes on and on. A game is usually played with the ultimate mindset of completing it and what’s the fun if there is no ending, right? Well, the creators of subway surfers have kept the fun level alive by conducting weekly events and creating an environment where only the best player gets to be on the top.
Now, some player enjoy the game as it is, they wait for a key on their continuous long runs (sometimes a key appears and sometimes not). They get coins from coin magnet or other ways. The thing is they are still unable to buy their favorite characters or compete with other big guns of subway surfers. The only option is to try for subway surfers cheats. It is simple, they use subway surf hack and in return, they get coins and keys in abundance.
The best thing about the subway surf hack is that it gives you the freedom to play without the worry of using your keys or coins miserly.
Now coming to the sweet part! You will be given tips to get unlimited coins and keys along with other cheats.



It is highly imperative that you use one of the best subway surfers hack. Gamers often make the mistake of trusting unknown subway surf hack software or files and later on regret about it. Beware! Your information of credit card number or password can be stolen if you download unprotected software files in order to get subway surfers cheats.
The best way to go for subway surfers unlimited keys and coins is to download a safe hack that will enable you to play with a lot of coins and keys. Downloading a safe subway surf hack will ensure that your password or other essential information is safe from other scammers out there. You can play freely without the fear of getting your credit card information or password getting stolen.
There are various apps and online software that will help you in getting unlimited coins and keys. It is recommended that you use online websites and software instead of downloading files.

cheats tool


A great Subway surfers hack, it is a blessing for those who always dreamt of playing with a character that is long gone from the game. There are many characters that are removed from the game with the passage of time. You can essentially play with those characters if you want to. All you need to do is to follow the simple steps mentioned below:
Step 1: Open up your mobile’s setting
Step 2: click “Time and date” section
Step 3: set the date on the character that you want (you can choose from the chart below)

subwey surfers hack tool


Set the date for October 3, 2012, for the character Zombie Jake
Set the date for December 1, 2012, for the characters Elf Tricky and Starboard.
Set the date for January 30, 2013, for the characters Carmen and Toucan.
Set the date for April 5, 2013, for the characters Kim and Outback.
Set the date for August 3, 2013, for the characters Sun and Panda.
Set the date for September 9, 2013, for the characters Alex and Teddy.
Set the date for October 31, 2013, for the characters Eddy and Pumpkin.
Set the date for December 28, 2013, for the characters Jamie and Snowflake.
Set the date for January 2, 2014, for the characters Jay and Bengal.
Set the date for January 17, 2014, for the characters Nick and Flamingo.
Set the date for February 10, 2014, for the characters Mina and Bubblegum.
Set the date for February 20, 2014, for the characters Tony and Liberty.
Set the date for April 1, 2014, for the characters Rosa and Prickly.
Set the date for April 5, 2014, for the characters Roberto and Kick-Off.
Set the date for May 8, 2014, for the characters Olivia and Moose.
Set the date for May 24, 2014, for the characters Harumi and Fortune.
Set the date for June 4, 2014, for the characters of Edison and Banana.
Set the date for June 26, 2014, for the characters of Coco and Rose.


It is a cheat that you can use effectively. Basically, it is a glitch but it can be used for some real fun if you use the cheat at the right moment.
There are few important steps that you must follow if you wish to apply the cheat successfully:
Step 1: pick up a jetpack
Step 2: Use it and wait for it to end
Step 3: Right after the jetpack ends, swipe up as quickly as you can
Step 4: you will notice that your character will jump midair, this can even land you on a train and you can get more coins

Well, now you know some of the tricks that can help you play subway surfers freely, try not using subway surfers unlimited keys and coins hack more than once a week. Have fun!

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